TwistedWave is also available for Mac!

TwistedWave is also available online, as a browser-based application! More...

TwistedWave, an audio editor for iPhone/iPad.

Very fast and intuitive.

The waveform is updated in real time and is very responsive. Drag the waveform to move, pinch to zoom.

Undo/redo works instantly.

Easy to use, fast, powerful.

Ideal for voice over artists.

  • Very fast! Move around in the waveform, zoom in and out.
  • Undo/redo instantly.

Edit your audio.

  • Copy/paste.
  • Amplify or normalize to adjust the sound level.
  • Add fades in or fades out.
  • Apply different kinds of filters to adjust the level of the low or high frequencies.

Upload your audio by FTP.

  • You can configure many FTP accounts.
  • Send files compressed in AAC to save time and bandwidth.

TwistedWave is available now on the iTunes App Store.