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Noise reduction

Ala audacity where you define an area of the file as noise and then remove that pattern from the file

13 comments suggested 6 years ago

4 years ago

Per-Arne Brostedt

Please add it.

4 years ago


Yep, it would be nice to have noise reduction like Audacity has.

5 years ago


We need a GATE for recording voiceover specially in the car. Thanks

5 years ago

James Wages

The Low Pass and High Pass filters that are included right now are better than nothing at all to reduce noise, but they have the disadvantage of filtering out a lot what we otherwise would not want to be filtered. Hence, a more intelligent form of noise reduction would be very useful and greatly appreciated. I especially desire the kind of noise filtering where you can define an area of the recording as "noise" and then have the filter do its best to reduce only the audio that matches that pattern.

6 years ago

Mary S

Definitely need a noise reduction feature. Pretty please! :)

6 years ago

Rene Barrow

Noise removal is a necessity if you're recording vocals! At the moment I export into Audacity to get rid of any noise...even have to do that coming fom GarageBand.

6 years ago

Mathieu Brassard

I currently export to Audacity for doing noise removal and it is free... as Twister Wave is a paid software, would be really cool to have this feature right there!

6 years ago

Shograin de Munshauben

I want same kind of noise reduction as Cool Edit Pro and Audacity has. I want it on my iPhone 4. How should I hear ghosts in all that noise :) yes, Ala Audacity. 8€ is lot of money.

6 years ago

James A

Noise removal would be fantastic. Right now need to export to another program for the removal of noise and pops.

3 years ago


Noise Reduction is a must...please add!

3 years ago

Adam Lofbomm

Please add this feature! I love everything about TwistedWave for producing my VO work except for this- it makes my workflow really clunky. I think many other voice actors would switch from other platforms such as Audacity if TW had this feature...

3 years ago


PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE, I DESPERATELY NEED IT!!!! I have my room sound proofed as well as I can but the building aircon (not my own, which is off) sends vibrations through my walls which are picked up by my mic. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME A NOISE REDUCTION FEATURE

3 years ago

Heidi Mena

Please, please, pretty please....get a noise removal feature!!! I don't want to leave audacity just because of it...other wards, I love everything else about TwistedWave!!

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