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New Upgrade Policy


It has been an incredible journey since TwistedWave's inception in 2007. Your feedback and support have fueled TwistedWave's evolution. As the community grows, I am committed to delivering an exceptional audio editing experience.

To sustain ongoing innovation, I am introducing a new approach with TwistedWave 29. Major updates will now be available through a subscription model, enabling me to invest in continuous development and provide you with even more powerful tools.

By subscribing to TwistedWave, you gain access to:

  • All the new features as they are introduced,
  • Timely bug fixes,
  • Improved compatibility with future macOS versions,
  • World class tech support.

Progressive discount

With a yearly plan, you'll enjoy a progressive discount for uninterrupted subscriptions:

  • 20% discount for the 2nd year,
  • 40% discount from the 3rd year onward.

Upgrade discount: Limited time offer!

If you have already purchased TwistedWave before, you're eligible for an upgrade discount. When you subscribe annually, you can immediately access the 40% discount, without having to wait for the 3rd year.

Purchased recently?

While major upgrades are no longer available for free since TwistedWave 29, you may still receive a few updates if you have made a recent purchase. Specifically:

  • If you have made a purchase after June 15th, 2022, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to TwistedWave 29.
  • Additionally, if you have made a purchase in 2023 or 2024, you will also qualify for the upcoming TwistedWave 30 upgrade.

Perpetual Fallback License

A perpetual fallback license grants you access to a specific version of the software without an active subscription. It includes all bugfix updates within that version, more specifically in version X.Y all Y releases are included. Here's how it works:

  • Purchasing an annual subscription provides an immediate perpetual fallback license for the version available at the time.
  • Paying on a monthly basis grants a perpetual fallback license once you've paid for 12 consecutive months, giving you access to the version available when your 12-month subscription started. You'll receive perpetual fallback licenses for each version you've paid for 12 consecutive months.

Dislike subscriptions?

If you prefer not to subscribe, you have another option:

  • Pay for one year, and continue using TwistedWave indefinitely without the need for a subscription. You can re-subscribe at any time to regain access to updates.

Any questions?

If anything is not clear or if you feel you need do discuss this further, you can contact me through the customer service email you can find on the support page.

All the best,
Thomas Thiriez