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"Twisted Wave is my go to audio editor. It's powerful, well designed, and the batch functionality is a lifesaver in our production flow."
— Matt Black Coldcut Ninja Tune

"Thank you for the incredible software support - it is the best I have ever had from any company."
— Sieg Henkelmann

"Punch Audio loves Twisted Wave for all our Audiobook production. It's intuitive ease of use makes all aspects of single track recording and mastering most satisfying."
— Alex Hyde-White Punch Audio

"Twisted Wave has become an invaluable part of my voice-over business. It's superb in its simplicity."
— Paul Strikwerda

"Absolutely loving TwistedWave! Well done."
Andy Pink

"Thanks again for a great program!"
— Gerald Hall

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TwistedWave for Windows Beta

TwistedWave for Windows will be available very soon. In order to make that even sooner, I invite you to test the public beta version of TwistedWave for windows.

Get the Beta!

System requirements

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • I have tested with Windows 11 and Windows 10 v1607 "Redstone 1", but it may also work with older versions of Windows 10.

  • Processor
  • Any 64-bit Intel CPU should work.

  • Memory and Disk
  • Yes, both are required :) If it can run Windows, then it should run TwistedWave fine.

    The installation currently requires 191 MB of disk space. The installer is a 38 MB download.

Features not available on Windows yet

  • Speech recognition
  • Video synchonization
  • Speech synthesis
  • Waveform image export